Expansion at Black Oak Industrial Park

Black Oak Industrial Park

TRAM Construction is currently in the early planning stages for recently acquired property at the Black Oak Industrial Park. The local company’s goal is to expand existing operations, which are currently based in Garrison, KY and approximately 5 miles from the Industrial Park in Black Oak, KY.

In addition to new railroad track construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance, TRAM purchases surplus assets and abandoned rail lines from Class I railroads. This material is then processed and sorted. If the material cannot be reused for future rail construction projects, it is sold to local foundries such as OSCO Industries, where the material is manufactured into new products.

“We’re not just railroaders here at TRAM, we also recycle,” said TRAM president Terry LeMaster. “TRAM supplies a full line of track products to industrial, manufacturing, and railroad clients in the Class I, short line, and regional sectors. Our operation recycles and reuses railroad material, which keeps crossties, steel, and other metal out of landfills and conserves valuable resources.”

TRAM’s Black Oak Industrial Park property is intended for future business expansion, which could possibly include the manufacturing and refurbishing of track material. These plans are contingent upon future contracts the company is actively pursuing. If plans do not come to fruition, the company hopes to attract other businesses to the area through contacts established after three decades in the railroad industry.

For more information on the expansion, contact TRAM today.

About TRAM
TRAM Construction is a family owned and operated railroad construction company. TRAM provides railroad track services to the public and private sectors, and also maintains a large inventory of relay rail and other track material (OTM). Headquartered in Garrison, Kentucky, TRAM has served clients throughout the Midwest and Southeast regions of the United States for over thirty years.