Recycling Railroad Track Material

Kinshofer rail cutter

We’re not just railroaders here at TRAM Construction, we also consider ourselves recyclers. In addition to railroad track construction and rehabilitation, we recycle rail and OTM (Other Track Material such as spikes, tie plates, and joint bars). If track material cannot be re-used for future construction projects, the material is processed in our Garrison, KY yard and sold to local foundries, who then re-melt it and manufacture new products.

Recycling of scrap plays an important role in the conservation of energy because the re-melting of scrap requires less energy than the production of iron or steel products from iron ore. According to the American Iron & Steel Institute, when one ton of steel is recycled, 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone are conserved. Consumption of iron and steel scrap also prevents the accumulation of abandoned steel products in the environment.

TRAM recently added the Kinshofer RC30 rail cutter to our equipment lineup. This mobile rail cutter is a special development for the controlled demolition of rail systems and provides the power, precision, and speed needed to efficiently cut and process railroad scrap into crops per foundry size specifications.

Before introducing the rail cutter, TRAM employees exclusively used a labor-intensive torch cutting system. Since incorporating this new piece of equipment, we have been able to increase crop production, and as a result, recycle more scrap rail material.

Do you represent a steel mill or foundry looking for scrap? Contact TRAM for a price quote today. Want to see the new rail cutter in action? View our demo video.