Hand-Painted Railroad Mural

Visiting artists Amanda Bishop and Ty Kreft of State Champs, a sign painting company based out of Louisville, Kentucky, will put finishing touches on a hand-painted railroad mural commissioned by Tram Construction in Garrison, Kentucky next week.

At a time when most American cityscapes are dominated by computed created signage, the State Champs duo is part of a resurgence of sign painters that are joining forces to resurrect the craft after decades of decline.

“We had a great blank canvas to work with, and we’ve been thinking about this project for years. The image is based on the first advertisement I used when I started my company out of the back of my truck over thirty years ago,” said Tram Construction president Terry LeMaster. “The mural is a throwback to early 20th century advertising that used to decorate the fronts and sides of buildings and barns of our small towns. This specific image not only represents Tram Construction, but also our community’s history and the families who are part of the strong railroad heritage in our area.”

State Champs is a two-headed creative studio based in Louisville, Kentucky. They specialize in illustration and custom lettering, as well as site specific painting.

Tram Construction is a family owned and operated railroad contracting company headquartered in Garrison, Kentucky. Tram has provided track services and railroad materials to clients throughout the Midwest and Southeast regions of the United States for over thirty years.