New Railroad Track Construction at Nelson Brothers

Nelson Brothers LLC, a leading manufacturer of bulk emulsions to the surface mining industry in the eastern United States, received their first shipment via rail in their newly constructed rail yard in St. Paul, KY last month. Tram Construction was in charge of the new railroad track construction.

Tram Construction built the new rail yard and Leslia LeMaster Wilson, pictured here with CSX Train Master Mike Ward, rode the first train in to the new railroad track construction last week.

Nelson Brothers has invested millions to build the emulsion plant in Lewis County. The plant will create approximately 65 full-time jobs and will manufacture the company’s emulsion products, which will be transported to open-pit surface mines and distributors in the quarry and construction industry in the Appalachian region as well as across the eastern United States.

Tram Construction is excited to be a part of this new project, as Nelson Brothers’ decision to locate in Lewis County is encouraging news for the area. The new jobs will pump an estimated $5 million into the Lewis County economy each year in payroll and benefits.

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